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What Will I Experience?

The first session begins with the completion of a health questionnaire and a brief period of discussion regarding the client’s reasons for choosing Structural Integration. Obvservation the client’s gait and posture will help to establish goals and intentions as applied to the unique situation and structure of the client.

Rolfwear. Male clients receive work in underwear or short active wear, women in two piece active wear or bra and underwear.

Photographs. If desired, a photograph or digital image may be taken for documentation of before and after results.

Cooperative interaction. The specific goals of each session will be discussed. The work takes place on a massage table. The client will often be asked to breathe into the area being worked on or to make small, specific movements. The work may evoke pleasant feelings of relief at the release of long-held muscle tightness. Certain areas of the body are very sensitive to pressure and may experience discomfort. Feedback from the client will be guide the practitioner to apply an appropriate amount of pressure for the specific needs of the client.

What happens after the ten sessions? It depends. Clients who come in with long term distortions and pain due to injury may require more sessions to address very set patterns. Some may find that getting a “tune up” now and then or on a regular basis keeps them from falling back into old patterns due to job requirements. Sports afficionados find that a regular maintenance schedule helps to prevent sports injuries or to recover faster from them.

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