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Rolfing/SI in the Media

See the video interview below of the great pianist Leon Fleisher and his testimonial to Rolfing.

Vogue: “Back In Style”
A funny and informative narrative by a hip young mother who turned to Rolfing/Structural Integration to correct a computer generated slumping posture.

“Rolfing, Excruciatingly Helpful”
New York Times article. Another informative personal experience with Rolfing.
Note: unfortunate word, excruciating, since the practitioner can work with the client’s discomfort thresholds.

This is from the website “Spirituality & Health”. It is a short, concise description of the benefits of Rolfing, including its transformative effect on other areas of your life.


Concert Pianist Leon Fleisher Regains Use of Right Hand

Repetitive Use Injury Solved at Starkey Laboratories
Rolfing Structural Integration at Starkey Laboratories
Scroll forward past the ad and check out what Rolfing/Structural Integration does for carpal tunnel.

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