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Before and After


The Goal: balance, alignment, and the vertical line.

Observe in the first picture:
The first photo was taken before the client’s first session. As you can see, the head is forward to counterbalance the rib cage which tilts back and behind theĀ pelvis. The curve of the upper back becomes exaggerated as it follows the forward leanof the head. The belly is thrust forward out of the pelvis. The figure appears weak.

Observe in the second picture:
This photo was taken after the tenth session. You can see the vertical line from the center of the head (ear) through the shoulder, pelvis, center of feet. The belly is balanced with the back. The figure appears fit.

Read more about the Basic Ten Series that is the core protocol of Structural Integration/Rolfing.

Video of Ida Rolf on “Gravity Is The Therapist”

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